Karma Contest: Win an item from CrackBerry Kevin’s lost but now found luggage!




  I just found something real awesome for you guys.

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How to unblock websites, torrent clients etc. in your office or college computer ?



This is Dr. Stoic and I’m going to teach you how to get the Freedom of Internet from the firewall installed in your host’s (company/college) server.

I’ve seen lots of people, mostly students and employees struggling in college and offices for using Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and other entertainment websites.

Here I’m going to teach you how to do the exact same thing in simple steps and Yes, This is definitely gonna work !

No geek talk, just few simple steps to follow..

Step 1.

Check your internet connection. Well if you’re reading this blog online then you are definitely connected to internet.

Step 2.-

Go to your computer’s internet browser and try to open Facebook or any other entertainment website to ensure about your server’s firewall restrictions.

If any of those website is not loading in any browser of your system but website like Google, Microsoft are allowed to open then don’t worry, you’re on the right track.

Now, this is for those who want to unblock the blocked websites only and not interested in downloading torrent files through torrent clients.

Step 3.

Click here, and download the software bundle for your operating system ( Windows / Linux / Apple iOS ).

This tutorial is for Windows users only.

Step 4.

Click on the setup file and install/extract the setup file.


After installation it will appear like this


Step 5.

Open the ‘Tor Browser’ folder and click on this icon ‘Start Tor Browser’


Step 6.

After clicking on that icon this window will pop up


In a few moments it will show the status  ‘Connected to the Tor network!’ with a pop up browser.

Click on the ‘Hide’ button to hide this window into system tray .


That popped up browser comes with this software bundle but you don’t have to use it because it’s not flash supported, which means no Youtube videos, so you’re going to ‘minimize’ it.

(Don’t close the browser, just minimize it otherwise you’ll end the whole process and you don’t want to go back to Step 5, do you ?)

Step 7.

Go to your ‘Control Panel’ from Start menu and select ‘Internet Options’.

So right now you’re seeing this window


Step 8.

Now click on the ‘Connections’ tab as shown in this picture and then click on ‘LAN Settings’ button.


Step 9.

After clicking ‘LAN Setting’ button put the right tick on the outlined option and then click ‘Advanced’


Step 10.

Clicked the ‘Advanced’ button ?

Okay now fill the outlined information from this image and press ‘OK’.


 Now close everything to go to the desktop except the ‘Tor Browser’ and that system tray ‘Tor’ window.

Congratulations !

Your system is configured with the proxy settings. Now you can use any browser to open your desired website.

(Make sure your browser’s proxy settings is selected as the system settings)

 This is my first official blog and I’ve tried my best in this tutorial.The Torrent Client unblocking tutorial will be posted soon.

I would appreciate your feedback. 🙂

 Dr. Stoic